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Ordering your Super Premium & Premium Grade Wood Pellets,Envi Blocks and High Heat Anthracite Coal has never been easier. Now you can place your order for Pick-up or Delivery on this secure shopping site and take advantage of the cost savings and flat delivery charges that have made Pellets Direct LLC your go to supplier for some of the best quality products and service in the industry.


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Uxbridge, MA Pick Up by the bag or pallet

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Returning for the 2014 Early Buy Program wil be the High Performance PELLET POWER PACKAGES. Working with feedback from all of you as well as our own testing facilities there is a new Formula For Savings! Many of you have found that some of our top quality products are doing the heating job too well. At first this may sound strange but the reasoning makes sense. In the late fall and early winter months temps at night may get slightly below freezing but daytime temps along with radiant heat from the sun and the insulating factor of our homes make a super high performing pellet, even on lower settings, too hot too handle. Have you ever had to open the bedroom windows during the winter time when the pellet stove is running? We have and our feedback from customers has shown this to be a common occurance. The same common experience occurs in the late winter and spring when temps start to rise during the day and the frigid cold of winter has broken. The High Performance PELLET POWER PACKAGES offer a cost saving solution to the unsurity of getting a Top Performing Premium Pellet just to discover that some of our Great Performing More Economical Proven Performers can heat our homes without opening the windows wasting our heating $$$.The High Performance PELLET POWER PACKAGES are designed for our New England Homes to offer the heat needed for the early and late heating season along with a Super Top Performing Pellet for the enhanced heating needs during those super cold heating days that usually arrive in mid December. Combining multiple types of proven performers with turbo charged top notch performers create Value Power Packages that will save heating $$$ for all.

If your home requires some of the finest quality high performing Super Premium & Premium Grade Wood Pellets, Envi Block and High Heat Anthracite Coal throughout the heating season then take advantage of the POWER BUYS & Power Packages that are sure to save $$$ this year.

Wood Pellets have become relied upon by homes throughout North America as well as many other Countries. Demand for the 2014 season looks to be on the increase worldwide. Now is the time to secure our own future.

Wow save your time and gas and let Pellets Direct LLC deliver your Winter Heating Needs to you

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With over 20 years experience in the wood pellet and alternative heating fuels industry the staff at Pellets Direct LLC strives to supply you with the best quality products available today. Our delivery network using state of the art equipment strives to place your product in the most convenient place for you. Using flatbeds with piggyback forklifts and box trucks with lift gates we can usually perform above your expectations!!!

You know where you want your Wood Pellets, Envi Blocks and High Heat Coal, Let Pellets Direct LLC put it in place for you!!!

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^based on location subject to change as fuel costs increase

^^basic delivery is for outdoor product placement. Pallet Jack specific in garage placement of product is also available with additional fee.

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