Burn Hardwood 7# Block 4'x5'x10' Large Block

Burn Hardwood Block


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You Asked for it. NOW YOU HAVE IT!!! The Big boy of the industry is now offered by Pellets Direct.

Burn Hardwood Block is a true Large Hardwood Block averaging 7# each. Measuring approx. 4" x 5" x 10" long. Coming from the Hardwood Furniture Industry, this Large Block is predominently Oak and Hickory. The tight density of Burn Hardwood Block give you the burn time you are looking for with the Hardwood Heat that can keep you warm and cozy all winter long. 96 packs of 3 on the pallet give you 288 high powered heating blocks of heating wood fuel. Pallet weight is around a ton & offers the approximate burn time and heat value of a cord of wood. 

Cleaner Burning, Longer Lasting and Consistant Heating, Burn Hardwood Blocks Have now come to New England

Get them while you can.

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