EasyBlaze Premium Blended Pellet from $259 ton

EasyBlaze Premium Blended Pellet

The Best of Both Worlds! Hardwood Reliability mixed with Softwood Heat. Oak, Hickory and Southern Yellow Pine made on the East Coast for the Heat we need During the Harsh New England Winters. Balanced to produce the heat needed for your home with the low maintanance of a Top Quality Premium Pellet, EasyBlaze will heat your home. Offering up to 8,700 btu with average residual ash around 1/2% you can rely on EasyBlaze Premium Blended Pellet to give you the heat when you need it. 

Hardwood/Softwood fuel pellets - the best of both worlds!
Consistency of a hardwood with the extra heat and
low ash of a softwood
Perfect blend of Oak/Hickory/Southern Yellow Pine
Extended burn time
Environmentally friendly & renewable energy source
In compliance with the Pellet Fuel Institute's quality standards

$269.00 per ton


Power Buy 3+ tons

$259.00 per ton


EasyBlaze Premium Blended Pellet from $259 ton
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Price $269.00
3 or more $259.00 each