Fiber Fuel Lewis Bricks from $229 pallet

Fiber Fuel bricks are 2 pounds of compressed kiln dried wood waste. The wood waste is a by-product from the moulding manufacturing of Eastern White Pine done by Lewis Mouldings. These 2 pound bricks can be used as an alternative to hardwood in home heating applications. The process takes 2 pounds of loose wood waste and compresses it at very high pressures, which results in the forming of small, very dense bricks. It is the high pressures that form the normally loose wood waste to solid blocks rendering them suitable for use as firewood. There are no binders or glues added to the wood waste to cause it to form; it is the natural result of applying high pressure to wood waste.

Fiber Fuel Bricks make a great alternative to conventional firewood and the perfect solution for someone who wants to diminish their dependency on fossil fuels but does not want to deal with the rigors of firewood.

What are the Advantages of Using Fiber Fuel Bricks?

- The small compact size of the bricks allows them to stack easier than hard wood.

- The use of wood as a fuel source as opposed to fossil fuels is not only typically more economical, but it is also better for the environment. When wood is burned the only green house gases it can emit are the ones it took in while it was living, therefore the carbon foot print for burning Fiber Fuel Bricks is net zero.

- Fiber Fuel bricks are ready to use immediately after you purchase them, there is no need to season them or dry them before use. This also reduces the risk of bringing mould, insects and dirt into your house.

- Because the bricks are made from 100% kiln dried wood waste, there is much less moisture to cause improper combustion. This then lessens the risk of creosote build up in chimneys and ultimately means less risk of chimney fires. It also means that there is less ash than hard wood and reduced emissions as well.

- Unlike pellets, bricks can be used in wood stoves and therefore can continue to heat even during power outages.

- All of the bricks weigh approximately 2 pounds each. This consistent compact size makes them much safer than trying to load a hot stove or furnace with larger heavier pieces of firewood

How many Fiber Fuel Bricks equal a Cord of Seasoned Hardwood?

Although there are many variables to this question, a rule of thumb is that a cord of hardwood equals 60 bags (1 pallet / 1920 lbs) of Fiber Fuel Bricks.

One Fiber Fuel brick produces approximately 17,800 BTU's. There are 16 bricks per bag and 60 bags per pallet. One pallet of Fiber Fuel (60 bags) produces approximately 17,088,000 BTU's.


If you need the Heat Fiber Fuel Lewis Bricks Will Keep you Warm in Your Seat!



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Fiber Fuel Lewis Bricks from $229 pallet
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