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Do  You Want to Maximize Your SAVINGS?

Are Your Ready For Your Product Now with At Least 1 Day Notice?

These Super Values are simply a way to pass on the SAVINGS.

These Super 1 Day Notice Values are available

on Select Products Listed in this catagory

Our trucks deliver to and from many locations.

Cutting out the extra trucking costs involved with shipping from 1 location allows us to pass on the savings to you. By allowing Pellets Direct to deliver to a clearly marked location with short notice you enjoy the cost savings.

It's this simple--Your flexibility becomes your SAVINGS!!!


These Super Heating Products are in Stock Now! If you can take your delivery with 1 day notice you qualify for the Added Delivery Savings on these select values.

Pellets Direct will let you know by phone at least 1 day in advance of a truck being in your area. If you cannot take the product on such short notice this option may not be good for you. If you have the Flexibility in your schedule then the SAVINGS is yours!