Green Gold Hardwood Pellets $269 per ton

Green Gold Premium Plus Hardwood Pellets

The Gold Standard for Premium Grade Hardwood Pellet

Wood Pellet Quality is the #1 goal for Green Gold Hardwood Pellet. Fresh sawdust from local hardwood mills arrives daily at the plant and is processed quickly into Green Gold Hardwood Pellets. Processing the hardwood sawdustquickly ensures the Highest Heat Value possible. Double screening and constant testing of the finished product keeps Green Gold Hardwood Pellets ranked among the best Hardwood pellets available today!!!

Order today to discover the U.S. Gold Standard for Hardwood Pellets!!!

Premium Hardwood Pellet up to 8,500 btu---Super Low avg ash 0.36%

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$279.00 per ton


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$269.00 per ton

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Green Gold Hardwood Pellets $269 per ton
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  • Manufacturer: Made in the U.S.A.
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Price $279.00
3 or more $269.00 each