Hot Bricks (Hardwood Heating Brick)

Hot Bricks (the Hardwood Heating Brick)






Hot Bricks- are en efficient, all natural pressed wood brick developed to replace traditional cordwood for heating. The bark and excess moisture is removed from the wood fiber which allows the heat created during burning totransfer directly into your home rather than goingup your chimney. A well established HOT Brick fire creates little visible smoke or creosote in your chimney and leaves less ash residue. HOT BRICKS burn Hotter and Cleaner.

 Firewood- By comparison, well seasoned cordwood has a moisture content around 20% or more and cotains up to 20% bark. While burning cordwood, much of the heat is wasted evaporating the moisture. The bark has low BTU value and leaves a large ash residue. The high moisture content and dirty bark combine to carry the particulate matter and impurities into the environment in the form of smoke pollution and creosote. HOT BRICKS are Smarter and Greener.

Packaged 66 bundles of 15 bricks per pallet (990 bricks)

Hot Brick Hysteria is Here!!!

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$299.00 per pallet






Hot Bricks
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