Logik-e Energy Bricks $249 pallet

New 2017/18---Logik-e Energy Bricks

Hardwood Firewood Alternative 


Logik-e renowned for Top Quality Wood Pellets now produces Logik-e Energy Bricks for the wood stove & fireplace. Density of this roughly 2.5" x 3.5" x 9" brick is the key to it's burn time. The theory is simple, the denser the brick the longer the burn time. Logik-e offers the heat output combined with a dense longer burning brick that can keep your home warm and comfortable for winters bitter cold months. 

Logik-e Energy Bricks can be your choice for Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Fire Pits & Chimneas also

Clean comfotable burn with High Heat Output, Low Smoke & Low Residual Ash

Logik-e Energy Bricks can be your choice for your heating needs

Each pallet contains 96 packages of 6 bricks

$249.00 per pallet


Logik-e Energy Bricks $249 pallet
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Price $249.00