Packsaddle 100% Douglas Fir Pellets from $339 ton

Packsaddle 100% Douglas Fir Pellets

The Premium Douglas Fir Pellet

Made in Oregon, U.S.A.


If you are Looking for the Best of the Best

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The Upgraded Douglas Fir Pellet

If you haven't tried Packsaddle Douglas Fir pellets than you haven't

burned a true Douglas Fir Pellet Yet!

Long known as one of the best raw material for wood pellets, Douglas Fir is highly sought after. Coming from the West Coast of the United States this Douglas Fir Pellet has pioneered the way for others to follow. Packsaddle Douglas Fir Pellets quality control produces a very clean pellet to pour in to your pellet unit. This makes the feed rate more consistent creating more consistent heat for a longer period of time. Douglas Fir offers up to 9,000 btu per pound with residual ash the lowest in the industry less than a quarter of a percent 0.1% to 0.25%

Packsaddle Douglas Fir offers you what others can't!

  • Advanced Quality Control

  • Clean Feeding

  • High Douglas Fir Heat

  • Lowest Douglas Fir Residual Ash







$349.00 per ton


Power Buy 3+ tons

$339.00 per ton

Packsaddle 100% Douglas Fir Pellets from $339 ton
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Price $349.00
3 or more $339.00 each