Barefoot Beautiful 23.8# bags 2021/22 from $309.90 per pallet


Barefoot Beautiful Super Premium

in 23.8# bags

Barefoot Pellets are exceptional in Quality and Consistency as Barefoot tightly controls the quality and the cleanliness of the raw material used to make their pellets. Barefoot Pellets utilize sawdust from a variety of hardwood species from the renewable & sustainable forests of Pennsylvania and New York. These species include Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, Walnut, and White Oak. Barefoot Pellets have superior low ash content due to the quality of the hardwood raw material used. Barefoot Pellets are extremely efficient in terms of low emissions, clean burning and high heat. Barefoot Beautiful Super Premium is proud to have Hardwood Pellet Fuel printed on their bag. If the pellet you are currently using doesn't say Hardwood on the bag then it may not be a hardwood pellet.

Barefoot Beautiful Super Premium is a good hot burning low ash wood pellet!  


Barefoot Beautiful Super Premium Hardwood Pellet has built a reputation as one of the Best Hardwood Pellets on the Market Today. Discover Why Barefoot is one of the most sought after pellet in the New England Market!!!

Super Premium Hardwood up to 8,200-8,500 btu---avg ash 0.35%

Barefoot Beautiful Super Premium

Hardwood King Pellet

in 23.8# bags

Barefoot Beautiful Hardwood Pellets


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Barefoot Beautiful 23.8# bags 2021/22 from $309.90 per pallet
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  • Manufacturer: Barefoot Pellet Co.
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