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A True U.S.A. Made Douglas Fir Premium Wood Pellet

If you have tried the rest you will discover that Douglas Fir is the BEST!!!

Why Douglas Fir? Douglas Fir is widely known in the pellet industry as one of the cleanest burning and hottest raw materials available to make wood pellets. Douglas Fir trees grow predominantly in the Pacific Northwest Region of North America. If you live in that region you have been spoiled with the best of the best. Fortunately we live in the Northeast where we have many choices of product to try. With heat values pushing 9,000 btu per pound and residual ash averaging as low as a 1/4% or less. Most other pellets cannot compete. 

Sure the cost of theses pellets can be higher than other more local pellets, but the quality and Bang for Your Buck is tough to beat.


 If you haven't tried a 100% Douglas Fir Pellet, Now is the time to see how well your pellet stove can really perform!