Eco-Heat Pellet from $229.90 ton

Eco Heat Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend

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$229.90 per ton



Now is the time to discover the best of both worlds in Premium Grade Wood Pellets. Eco Heat Hardwood/Softwood Premium Blend is formulated to showcase the best qualities of both Hardwood and Softwood pellets Blended as One. Offering up to 8,400 btu with avg. ash 0.5% Eco Heat Hardwood/Softwood Blend can be the solution to the question "What burns better Hardwood or Softwood Pellets?"

Consistant feed rate and a clean burn takes the worries out of choosing a wood pellet to suit your stove. Eco Heat Hardwood/Softwood Premium Blended pellet is for you!

Eco-Heat Pellet from $229.90 ton
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Price $239.90
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