Eco-Woods Premium Pellet May Delivery Special $219.90 ton

Eco-Woods Hardwood/Softwood Premium Blend


Eco-Wood Blended Pellet offers the consistency of Hardwood with the Extra Heat of Softwood blended together. Many Wood Pellets today are blended pellets utilizing raw material that is available in the region where the production plant is located. Blending raw materials offers a more consistant wood pellet that can keep your stove heating at a predictable pace throughout the heating season.

Eco-Wood Blended Pellet offers value to your home through consistency and price.

Up to 8,400 btu per lb. with low 0.6% residual ash the saving can be yours



May Delivery or Pick Up Super Special

Regular $239.90 per ton


$219.90 per ton

for Any Amount of Product



Eco-Woods Premium Pellet May Delivery Special $219.90 ton
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Price $239.90
Sale Price $219.90