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Introducing Envi 8 Blocks!!

An all wood product made from dry, clean and recycled hardwood sawdust & shavings.
FOR USE IN WOOD STOVES, FIRE PLACES, FIRE PITS, WOOD FURNACES. The higher density and lower moisture content of Envi Blockscreates a cleaner longer burn than even the most seasoned wood. Envi 8 Blocks create less ash and have lower particle emissions. Cleaner storage without insects and other creatures that invade the outdoor wood pile. Each block measures 2.5"x3.5"x8-9"long". This ideal size for most wood stoves and fireplaces will set the standard for others to follow. Pallets measuring approx 4'x4'x3'that consist of 600+ blocks can be stored inside

Its time to

Turn Green with Envi!!!

Each pallet contains 100 packs of 6 = 600 Envi 8 Blocks for maximum heating capability

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$359.90 per ton

Envi Block Maximum Heating Capacity
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  • Manufacturer: Barefoot Pellet Co.
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Price $369.90

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