Envi 8's Wood Stove/Fireplace Now from $349.90 pallet

These blocks are an all wood product with no additives which are specifically designed to be used as firewood in wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits and wood furnaces. Envi Blocks are made of the same material (hardwood sawdust, shavings, etc) as our wood pellets and mechanically compressed into a larger block size.

Each block is appox. 2.5 x 3.5 x 7-8" long

- Longer Burn Time - Great for overnight burning, 8 to 10 hours possible
- Less Mess - No insects - No dirt - No fungus - No mold
- Less Ash Residue - Burn Cleaner - Less creosote
- More Heat - Higher density - Lower moisture content
- More Convenient - Occupies less space - Easier to store
- Save Time - Less handling - No seasoning - No splitting

Each pallet contains 96 packages of 6 Envi 8 blocks 


Envi 8 Blocks

Take it Now or Delay Delivery Option for Next Heating Season

Delay Delivery Options March thru December


Save an Additional $10 per pallet & 4 free packs of 6

100 packs of 6 per pallet

with Take it Now Option

Save Additional $5 off per pallet with April or May Option


Now $369.90 per pallet

Stock Up Power Buy 3+ Pallets

$359.90 per pallet

Take it Now Option 3+ pallets only $349.90 per pallet





Envi 8's
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  • Manufacturer: Barefoot Pellet Co.
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Price $369.90
3 or more $359.90 each

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