Fire Blox Hardwood Brick Fuel Special $249.90 per pallet

 Fire Blox

Hardwood PowerHouse from the Appalachian Mountains

Fire Blox Hardwood Fuel for your wood stove or fireplace. Fire Blox Hardwood fuel offers the High Heat and Consistancy of Hardwood Brick Fuel. The best raw material coming from the Hardwood Flooring Industry make Fire Blox a Clean Burning, High Heat alternative to the hassles involved with cordwood. Longer burn time with more consistant heat can benefit your wood stove or fireplace as well as your chimney. 

No Splitting, debarking or other messthat comes with cordwood!

Each brick measures approx. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 6"

Pallets contain 80 packs of 12 bricks ea. (960 bricks)

Fire Blox

Hardwood PowerHouse


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$249.90 per pallet

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Price $249.90