Java Flame Coffee Heating Fuel Pellets from $425.90 Cash & Carry

 Java Flame Heating Fuel Pellets

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Introducing a New Way to Heat Your Home

Super High Heat up to 11,170 btu

Minimal Residual Ash (less than 1/4%)

Coffee is one of the largest commodities that is found in every part of the world. The virgin material is highly sought after, but after the coffee is brewed, the Grounds are normally discarded as waste. The Grounds, a renewable resource, that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills are reclaimed and processed in to a super High Heat Pellet.  By shifting demand from wood pellets to coffee pellets, Java Flame Pellets is ultimately contributing to saving our forests and utilizing an otherwise wasted natural resource

Java Flame™ has 35% more heating value than hardwood and 80% less ash than wood pellet standards. That means it provides longer heating time and less clean-up!

High Heat, Low Residual Ash--Discover Now How Efficient your Pellet Burning Unit Can Be!

$435.90 per ton


Cash & Carry

$425.90 per ton

Java Flame Coffee Heating Fuel Pellets from $425.90 Cash & Carry
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Price $435.90