LG Granules SUPER PREMIUM 33.07# bag Pre Buy from $289.90 pallet

LG Granules Super Premium Softwood Pellets


Long awaited comes the next generation in the evolution of High Performance Wood Pellet Heating Fuel LG granules steps up to the plate to lead the way for others to follow! The Higher Heat and Lower Lighter Ash of High Performance Softwood Pellets can create a warmer lower maintanance environment for your home and stove. Now is the time to discover why wood pellets are your desired choice when it comes to heating your home!

Greater than 8,700 btu per lb with minimal light ash avg. to 0.4 makes LG Granules Super Premium a heating pellet to benefit your home.

Conveniently Packaged in 33.07# bags will help to make your heating experience a pleasure again!

60-33.07# bags per pallet




Now is the Best Time to Pre-Order


for the 2021/22 Heating Season




Delivery or Pick Up Options Available for


April, May. June, July, August, September, October, November or December






per pallet


Power Buy 3+ pallets


$294.90 ton




Mega Buy 6+ pallets


$289.90 ton





Pellets Direct LG Super Premium
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  • Manufacturer: Granules LG
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