Lacrete/Home Choice Softwood Pellets Sold Out for Now

Lacrete/Home Choice Softwood Pellets

So;d Out for Now

Pellet Heat Source

Pellet Heat Source
LaCrete/Home Choice pellet fuel is made from clean, dry wood-waste fiber from their own lumber operations and neighboring sawmills. Only the finest material is used and dried to the lowest moisture possible before being used in the pelletizing process. No additives are used, only the natural resins and binders hold the pellets together.

Pellet fuel is an efficient and cost effective source of heat. The low moisture content increases combustion efficiency and results in high heat output. A single bag of fuel can burn for 24 hours or longer.

Up to 8,800 btu with minimal avg. ash 0.4%


  1.2 ton pallet (60-40# bags per pallet)

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Lacrete/Home Choice Softwood Pellets Sold Out for Now
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