Logik-e Hardwood Pick Up from $299.90 ton sold per 1.1 ton


Logik-e Hardwood High Output Super Premium Hardwood HAVE ARRIVED!!!Made from clean dry wood shavings & sawdust Logik-e Hardwood High Output Super Premium Hardwood Pellets offer Exceptional Quality & Consistency!!! Using only dry hardwood: Maple, Oak, Hickory, Walnut, etc. Logik-e Hardwood offers an Extremely Efficient, Clean Burning, High Heat, and Low Emission Super Premium Pellet. Top Quality Raw Material gives Logik-e Hardwood Hardwood Pellets a Superior Low Ash Content that we strive to offer. The Very Low Moisture Content of Logik-e Hardwood allows this Super Premium Hardwood Pellet perform above and beyond the expectations of of many premium grade products in today's market. A Great Bang fo Your BuckSuper Premium Pellet!!!

Super Premium Hardwood Pellet up to 8,500 btu---avg ash 0.31%

Logik-e Hardwood High Output Super Premium Hardwood Pellets---The Most Logical Solution for Heating our New England Homes!!!


$309.90 per ton

$340.89 per 1,1 ton (55-40# bag pallet)


Cash & Carry Special

$299.90 per ton


per 1.1 ton (55-40 bag pallet)




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  • Manufacturer: PWI Industries
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Price $340.89

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