Logik-e Softwood Pre-Buy 2021/22 from $289.90 ton

Logike Super Premium Softwood Pellets

Priced and Sold on 1 ton pallets (50-40# bags)


Well known and respected as one of the Premier Wood Pellet Producers in North America Logike Wood Pellets have proven to us New Englanders that Quality makes a difference. Logik-e now introduces a Super Premium Softwood Pellet that offers the Increased Heat Value and Lighter Ash that only a Softwood Pellet can provide. Extra Heating Capacity and a Cleaner Burnpot can make heating your home with wood pellets more efficient. Utilizing some of the best raw material available Logik-e Super Premium Softwood Pellets can make your wood pellet heating experience warm and enjoyable.

Now is the time to see the difference Logik-e Super Premium Softwood Pellet can make! 

Power Packed Softwood

up to 9,057 btu with minimal avg.ash 0.29%

Now is the Best Time to Pre-Order


for the 2021/22 Heating Season 


Delivery or Pick Up Options Available for


April, May. June, July, August, September, October, November or December


$299.90 per ton

sold on 1 ton pallet (50-40# bags)

Power Buy 3+ tons

$294.90 per ton


Mega Buy 6+ tons

$289.90 per ton




Logik-e Softwood Pre-Buy 2021/22 from $289.90 ton
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  • Manufacturer: PWI Industries
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Price $299.90
3 or more $294.90 each
6 or more $289.90 each