Matra Premium Softwood Pellets #1 Proven Performance from 415.90

 Matra Premium Softwood Pellet

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A Powerhouse Premium Softwood Pellet


Welcome to the World of Powerhouse Premium Softwood Pellets! Matra Premium Softwood Pellet offers what many others cannot. Heat value reaching almost 8,900 btu per pound with a super low residual ash averaging around 1/4%. What this means is Higher Heat per pound and less frequent cleaning of your wood pellet unit. The Higher Heat per pound can bring your home up to the desired warmth quicker as well as maintain that warmth with lower wood pellet usage. The lighter residual ash from Matra Premium Softwood Pellet can keep your burn pot cleaner for longer periods of time. A cleaner burn pot keeps your wood pellet unit burning at its highest efficiency for providing warmth to your home. The Super Low residual ash (averaging 1/4%) reduces the cleaning frequency of your wood pellet unit to keep maintenance to a minimum. 

Bang for the Buck Matra Premium Softwood Pellets can Offer what many of us have been looking for:

High Heat and Low Maintenance! 


$425.90 per ton


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$415.90 per ton



Matra Premium Softwood Pellets #1 Proven Performance from 415.90
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