Orford Hardwood Pellet by the Bag 10+ bags $7.00 ea

Orford Hardwood Pellets

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10 + Bags $7.00 per bag

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Orford/Ambiance Premier Super Premium Hardwood Pellet


 Super Heating Performance & "Ambiance" all in One!!!


Orford is manufacturer of super premium wood pellets. Orford wood pellets are made of 100% hardwood, mostly maple, oak and wild cherry.  Recognized for the energy returns obtained by their longer and cleaner combustion, Orford wood pellets answers the most rigorous requirements in efficiency, cleanliness and comfort. Throughout the manufacturing process,  Orford hardwood pellets undergo several quality controls to assure  superior quality. They are also screened two times during processing with the goal of obtaining  minimum dust in each bag.


Why choose our 100% Hardwood Wood Pellets?

Cleaner Combustion = Cleaner Stove
Compared with a softwood pellet Orford wood pellets contain no resin. As a consequence, during the combustion, the particles of dust do not stick on the walls of your stove and contributes in keeping it cleaner and to assure its good efficiency.



Orford Hardwood Pellet by the Bag 10+ bags $7.00 ea
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