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Just a simple question: If a squirrel or chipmunk doesn't prepare and gather enough food to survive thru the long New England winters, What does it do?

Can he run to his neighbor and ask for more? Can he find more thru the many feet of snow that covers the ground?

Even animals need to be responsible for their own actions.

We're not really sure how the squirrel and chipmunk overcome this scenerio but we do know that if you plan ahead for your heating needs now for the 2017/2018 heating season with Pellets Direct's 3+ ton Power Buys you may not have to worry about getting or running short on your heating needs!

This is why Pellets Direct leads the way by offering you a chance to buy your Heating needs in volume now at Power Buy Pricing.

This is not a buy it now take it later trap that we have seen in this industry for years. Or even the old pay a little at a time just so you end up paying a higher price when product may not be available!

Even the Squirrel and Chipmunk know not to trust another squirrel or chipmunk to store their food for them. 

 These Power Buys are a way to Save Now and store your heating needs for peace of mind that not only are your heating needs paid for but you also have them in your possession!

As demand for Alternative Heating Sources continues to rise worldwide availability of Quality Wood Pellets, Block Fuel for Wood Stoves and High Heat Anthracite Coal seems to get thiner and thiner during the colder months. Planning ahead and storing your product early is the only way to shield your family from shortages that seem to arise every heating season


Here's the oppourtunity to create your own solution. Have enough product to finish off this heating season as well as prepare for the 2017/18 heating season.

And above all enjoy the extra SAVINGS these 3+ pallet Power Buys have to offer!!!