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The 2018/19 heating season began with many of us firing up our heating units in early October. The colder weather ealy in the season as well as a very wet fall lead to vary high demand on alternative heating fuels: Wood Pellets Wood Brick Fuel and Anthracite Coal. The wetter than normal fall lead to lower than normal raw material needed to keep up with the heavy demand on these heating products. Many of the best and top quality manufactures just could not keep up with the demand for their products thus making longer than normal waiting times occur. 

Pellets Direct's 2019/20 Summer Buy is set to address this issue. We are listing these great and proven perfomers as they become available. All products can be ordered now for shipping starting in April or with limited delay shipping options.

Pellets Direct's Goal for the 2019/20 Summer Buy is to offer you the best products available today at the most reasonable savings possible. With pick up or delivery options that make sense for all.

Ordering Early offers you the opportunity to get the Top Quality product that works best for your heating needs.

More products will be listed in this catagory as they become available.