Sunfire Heating Block Cash & Carry $299.90 Special


 Sunfire Heating Blocks

Hardwood Wood Block Fuel for your wood stove or fireplace. Sunfire Hardwood Heating Blocks offer longer and more consistent burn times compared to cordwood.

Sunfire Heating Blocks are conveniently packed with 6 high heat fuel blocks per package. 90 packs of 6 per pallet make storage easier than other alternatives. When those cold winter days arrive and the sun isn't warming up outside it time to let Sunfire Heating Blocks warm you up inside!

Each pallet contains 90 packages of 6 Sunfire Heating Blocks

 Each block measures approx. 2.5"x3.5"x8"

$339.90 per pallet

Now $319.90 per pallet


Cash & Carry

$299.90 per pallet


Sunfire Heating Block Cash & Carry $299.90 Special
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Price $339.90
Sale Price $319.90

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