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Products for your Woodstove or Fireplace that Add Value to that Wood Stove and Make Sense!!!  


Have you ever ordered seasoned cordwood just to discover that the term "seasoned" & "cordwood" have many interpretations?


That good old pile of wood that was dumped in my driveway that I had to move and stack to season just to discover that every little critter in the neighborhood has turned my winter heat into an animal condo complex. AArgh!!! Then when I discover the tarp I used to keep the snow off my wood came off in the wind, I get the pleasure of trouncing thru the snow to leave a mess of bark, wood, dirt & melting snow in my mud room.


Well that being said Take a Look at the These Alternatives to Cordwood! Tennessee Hardwood Bricks, Burn Hardwood Blocks, Envi Blocks, Envi 8's & Fiber Fuels Lewis Bricks offer all the heat and ambiance of cordwood but BURN CLEANER & LONGER than Conventional Firewood. The density of Tennessee Hardwood Bricks, Burn Hardwood Blocks & Fiber Fuels Lewis Bricks offer a longer lasting more consistent heat that will keep your home warm longer and chimney cleaner with only minimal ash left behind. Envi Blocks, Envi 8's, Tennessee Hardwood Bricks & Fiber Fuels Lewis Bricks use only the natural fibers in the wood to hold them together, you get the maximum heat possible out of the wood used to produce them.

These High Energy Products are ideal sized for most wood stoves and fireplaces will set the standard for others to follow.