Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Bricks from $240 pallet Cash & Carry

Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Brick

Volunteer Wood Brick

An all hardwood brick product Volunteer Wood Brick comes from the great Hardwood Raw Material available in the Tennessee Region. Packing a Powerful Heating Punch up to 8,400 btu per pound the wood stove industry has taken notice. Cleaner and Longer burning than cordwood you will enjoy all the benefits of burning wood with greater consistency, ease of use and less maintenance.

Volunteer Wood Bricks are about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" in size

96 packs of 6 (576 Bricks) come on a pallet for ease of storage.

Each pallet weighs about a ton and equates in heat value and burn time to about a cord of seasoned firewood.

Brick to Brick and pallet to pallet the consistency of Volunteer Hardwood Bricks can offer your home what cordwood cannot!

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Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Bricks from $240 pallet Cash & Carry
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