Wood & Sons Premium Softwood from $279.90 ton

Wood & Sons

Premium Softwood Pellets

Sustainably Sourced New England PowerHouse. Wood & Sons Premium Softwood Pellets can offer what others can't. Using Clean Eastern White Pine as the source for superior heat output and clean burn characteristics Wood & Sons Premium Wood Pellets strives to offer you the best product for your stove. With heat output pushing 8,700+ btu per pound Wood & Sons can offer the heat you demand during those cold winter nights. The minimal avg. 1/4% lighter softwood residual ash that can keep your burn pot cleaner for longer periods of burn time. The higher heat output and lower lighter residual ash can keep your stove heating your home at peak efficiency for longer periods of time.

Now is the time to give your pellet stove and your home what you are looking for 

Wood & Sons 

Premium Wood Pellets


2019/20 Spring Early Buy


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Power Buy

3+ tons

$279.90 per ton

Pellets Direct Wood & Sons Premium Wood Pellets
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Price $289.90
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